Battlecode is a real-time strategy game where contestants code AI bots to play against each other. They must strategically manage a robot army by using pathfinding, distributed algorithms, and communications to make their player as competitive as possible.

We're MIT's longest running programming competition. Each year in early January, we release the Battlecode software and game specifications. Over the course of the month, contestants refine their players and compete in scrimmages and tournaments. At the end of the month, the Final Tournament is played out in front of a live audience at MIT, with the top teams receiving cash prizes. The total prize pool is over $30,000.

Join Teh Devs

Interested in running our Final Tournament, career fairs, or classes? Join our logistics efforts and make our competitors happy :)
Interested in coding the game engine, game visualizer, and competitor dashboard? Join our software teams.

Come to our info sessions to learn more about how we make Battlecode run smoothly, what our software stack looks like, and ask any questions you have. We'll have pizza!
Info sessions are 7-8 PM on 9/13 and 9/15 in room 2-132

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