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Battlecode 2024 begins on January 8th, 2024!

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What is Battlecode?

In Battlecode, two teams of virtual robots roam the screen, managing resources and executing different offensive strategies against each other. Plan, code, and compete throughout the month of January for a chance at more than $20,000 in prizes!

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Who can participate?

Anyone is welcome to participate in Battlecode! Any team is eligible to participate in the Sprint Tournaments for prize money. However, only student teams (including non-MIT student teams) are eligible for the remaining tournaments and prize money.

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Battlecode 2023: Tempest

In Battlecode: Tempest, alchemists have torn open unstable portals to a new universe filled with beautiful floating islands and time-bending tempests. But you are not alone – escapees from a second reality have fled to this world as well and seek to take it for themselves. The battle of realities has begun, and only one will survive.

The first player to conquer 75% of the sky islands wins the game. Islands are conquered by placing a reality anchor on them, and reality anchors are crafted at each faction’s headquarters. Each player begins with several headquarters which can create robots, craft anchors, and store resources.

Read these postmortems that provide a competitors’ view of the game!
2023 Postmortem by “Gone Fishin’” (2nd)
2023 Postmortem by “4 Musketeers” (3rd)
2023 Postmortem by “don’t @ me” (7th)
2023 Postmortem by “no thoughts head empty” (Newbie 2nd)

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Battlecode 2023 Statistics, compiled by team “camel_case”
A Guide to Battlecode, by Ivan Geffner


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